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A Delectable Series That Puts an Edgy Twist on Plant-Based Dishes

with Cassie Umali

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Veg on the Edge is a sexy, savory show that provides a creative, edgy twist on nutritional, plant-based dishes that are easy to prepare and even easier on the pockets. 


The show introduces audiences to the flavorful world of, and the science behind, healthy plant-based cooking through the entertaining antics of host Cassie Umali, a vegan athlete and certified plant-based nutrition coach, who’ll be dishing out meals packed with sauces, sustenance and spiritual insight.


The show advocates for a conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle that honors the body as a temple and respects the earth, and all her creatures, as its home.


Food, after all, affects not just our weight, but the state of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Going further, not many people know that our relationship with food correlates with our relationship to our Selves, our being, and especially our spirit bodies. Yes, food regulates our mood. This series will explain how and why through its compact, informative episodes. 



Kurrent Multimedia Productions, who will be filming the series, will produce 4 initial videos, so 4 palatable, mouth-watering dishes each; editing for 10-second versions for Social Media, 3-minute versions for YouTube, and a maximum of 20 minutes for subscribers in YouTube. 

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