The number 8 is significant as it symbolizes abundance and power, balance and harmony, and the ability to make decisions – qualities that UAY has been, or is in the process of, achieving. In China, 8 is a lucky number, signifying prosperity, thus an 88 means double joy. In the Tarot, 8 is the card for Justice and Strength. 8 is the atomic number of oxygen, 02, prana – life force. There are 8 planets in the solar system. 


Inspired by this, the campaign celebrates the number 8, UAY’s bronze year, launching its first video in August.


The concept targets 8 Main Personalities in 3 mindsets:


Karl, Tony, Glenn, Troy, Chino

Those who have made a commitment to make health the priority and their focus in life – all ages: 

Gerry Kaimo, Doctor Oyie Balburias and Jinri Park and Sky and Lala and CD

Though there are 8 Limbs of Yoga, we will only focus on those that quiet the mind: 


  1. Dharana – focused concentration;

  2. Dhyana – meditative absorption.

These limbs, of course, will only be used as a guide, since the men, for example, can have disparate reasons for doing yoga.

The videos will feature answers on 3 main questions: 


  1. How does yoga improve your everyday life?

  2. How does this fit in with your life philosophy?

  3. Would you recommend yoga and why?


The main objectives of the campaign are to: 


  • Celebrate Urban Ashram Yoga (UAY)’s 8th year anniversary) with the theme: Yoga is Time Well Spent. 


Though the theme is obvious as a way to entice people to practice, it also affirms that after 8 years, from the birth to the growing pains, every step of UAY’s journey was time well spent, for it has led to rebirth, renewal and resurgence.  


  • Spread the message of yoga to educate, encourage and promote the practice in order to bring more students into the studios;

  • Re-establish UAY’s core competencies; e.g., superior teaching methods, diversity of classes and strength of community.

Treatment Refences

We will use cropped, tight shots to symbolise acceptance of self, self-love, which is a huge step in calming the mind.


We will also have each interviewee lie in Savasana, taken from the top, to symbolise peace of mind, calmness, serenity and the like. 

Adidas Women Videos:

Lululemon Pride Video:

Lighting: Well-lit, natural light on blurred / plain background in a calm environment.


Deliverables include the following: 


  1. 3 Webisodes with a maximum of 8 minutes.

  2. Audio versions with a maximum of 8 minutes. 

  3. 15-second version of each video for Social Media.

Output Specifications: 1920x1080, .MOV, Vertical Safe.

Project Scope

Shoot Days: 1

Manpower: ​

  • Director: Troy Bernardo & Chino Neri

  • Writer: Troy Bernardo

  • Producer: Chino Neri

  • Cinematographer: Chino Neri

  • Camera Operator: Dave Lamar

  • Sound Producer: Ronald De Asis

  • Post Production Producer: Chino Neri

  • Styling & Make-up: Urban Ashram


  • 2 Camera Set-up: Sony A7 iii + Sony A7 ii

  • 50mm Macro Lens + 35mm Wide

  • Sound Recording Set-up

  • Indoor Light Set-up: DOP's Reco

Location & Props: Urban Ashram Yoga Studios

Proposed Schedule:

Pre-Production Meeting: July 23, 2019

Shoot Date: July 24, 2019

Video 1: August 8, 2019

Video 2: August 15, 2019

Video 3: August 20, 2019

Total Project Cost: PHP 248,000



1. Cost & Specifications are still negotiable.

2. Cost does not include logistical expenses, location, glam team, & taxes

3. Payment terms:

    50% Downpayment upon signing of agreement,

    50% upon approval of Video 3.


La Union Office: Dalumpinas Este, MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, 2500 La Union, Philippines

Manila Office: Unit 203 G Business Hub, 728 Shaw Blvd., Wack-wack, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 


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