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Sponsorship Packages

We are geared towards social and environmental partnerships that makes an immediate impact in our community. With your help, the Soul Surfers Podcast can continue to speak out about the advocacies of our local surfing community, with a louder voice.

Social Product Placement: P 4,000


Your Product will have a customised 3 of a kind post on our social media accounts. That’s 3 posts of very similar photos. We’ll take a creative photo with a Local Surfer from La Union (that can be chosen by you).

The package includes:

  • 3 Photos with Product Placement 

    • Post with Caption

  • 3 Instagram Posts

    • 3 Similar photos posted in sequence

  • 1 Instagram Stories: Photo

  • 1 Instagram Stories: Video

    • A Video of your product being consumed

  • 1 Facebook Album Post

    • We’ll post your 3 of a kind photos on Facebook via an Album Post.

  • 1 Facebook Stories: Photo

  • 1 Facebook Stories: Video

    • A Video of your product being consumed​

Co-Presenter: P 8,000

Co-Present one of our episodes! We have 6 more episodes in the bank. You can choose the episode that best fits your goals.

The package includes:​

  • Product Placement: We will have the your featured product on-set.

  • On-Location shoot: If it's an establishment, we can film the podcast within the premises, or film the location and present it as visuals where it’s appropriate.

  • Presented by logo on the beginning and end of the episode.

  • Tagged with an address on the caption.

  • Host mention 2x.

  • 30s promotional video for socials: A video where the product is being mentioned. The brand will also receive a copy of the video for promotional purposes.

  • Social Media Stories Posts.

Previous Episodes


Surf Video Presenter: P 8,000

Present one of our Surfing Videos! We create 2-4mins short Surf Films which you can Present.

The package includes:

    1. Presented by logo on the beginning and end of the video.

    2. Tagged with an address on the caption.

    3. 1min promotional video for socials: A shorter version of the video to be posted on our instagram account.

  1. Social Media Stories Posts.


Similar Existing Video:

These are special rates! We can also customise a package for you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate.


Email us at

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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