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Kurrent is a creative start-up, fueled by a global perspective, that finds the best way to tell your story, so you can reach your objectives, your target audience, through whatever medium you choose, in a most effective, efficient, and excellent way.

Creative Development

Kurrent’s Creative Consultancy extends from concept creation to creative execution for brand campaigns, documentaries, film, marketing short stories, and TV Shows, among other media, across all platforms,


Kurrent writes concepts, copy and text for various platforms that include: advertisements, brand / business presentations, commercials, documentaries, entertainment shows, events, film, lifestyle shows, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, serials, scripts, sequence treatments, treatments, video, video blogs, and webinars.

Video Production

Kurrent produces high quality videos with minimal requirements. Being situated in nature allows us to film in beautiful & unique locations. We also provide on-cam talents.

Sound Production

Sound is an integral part of our work. Kurrent believes that the role of sound goes beyond just recording. It is, in fact, treated as a critical element in the viewer’s experience of content.


We have a pool of extremely talented photographers who specialize in portraits, interiors, sports, products, and capturing special moments in small and big events.

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