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High Protein Vegan Mongo with Malunggay aka "Monggolunggay”


2 cups dried Mung Beans (Monggo)

1 cup Moringa leaves (Malunggay)

1 cup dried sliced Shiitake Mushrooms (Kabute)

1 cup chopped Winged Beans (Sigarilyas)

2 cups diced Squash (Kalabasa)

½ cup Dried Seaweed either nori (crushed/flaked) or wakame (cut up)

3 cloves Garlic (Bawang)

1 medium White Onion (Sibuyas)

1 Tbsp minced Turmeric (Luyang Dilaw)

1 tsp Sunflower Oil

1 tsp Chilli Flakes

1 tsp Saffron (Kasugba)

1 Tbsp Salt (Asin) + add to taste

1 tsp ground Black Pepper (Paminta) + add to taste


  1. Pre-soak monggo beans 3 or more hours. Ideal is overnight.

  2. Rehydrate shiitake mushrooms by soaking in 1 ½ cup water.

  3. Drain and rinse the monggo beans

  4. In a pot on high heat boil monggo in water for 20-30 mins. Half way into the cooking add 2 Tbsp salt. Then cook off water or add water until monggo is almost cooked.

  5. In a pan over medium heat sauté garlic, onions, turmeric, pepper, chilli flakes.

  6. Add in squash, mushrooms + its broth, option to add half of the tomatoes. Saute until squash is half cooked

  7. In the pot of monggo add in the pan of sautéed vegetables. Continue boiling the stew for another 20-30 mins until desired consistency of the texture of the monggo beans.

  8. Add the malunggay, the seaweed, saffron, winged beans to the pot. Cook until winged beans & squash is done.

  9. Lastly include the remainder of the tomatoes until it’s half cooked.

  10. Enjoy your Vegan Seaweed Moringa Stew with your choice of rice/grains/bread!

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