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Adlai Breakfast Fruit Bowl aka "Adlai Super Bowl"

Serves 3


1 cup dried Hineleban adlai

3 cups water

1-2 fresh pandan leaves

1 ½ cup plant milk (soy/almond/oat/ etc.)

Choice assortment of fruits

Choice assortment of nuts & seeds


1.a. Rice cooker: 1 cup adlai is to 2 ½ - 3 cups water. Add pandan leaves. Set on automatic until cooked.

1.b. Stove top: 1 cup adlai is to 2 ½ - 4 cups water. Add pandan leaves. Cook until you reach desired consistency.

2. Place cooked adlai into 3 bowls. Add plant milk and stir in to absorb into the porridge.

3. Top your adlai superbowl with an assortment of slices fruits, chopped nuts & seeds.

4. Optional add popped adlai crispies as toppings as well.

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