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Our Story

Quality in our stories and relationships.

By Chino Neri, Managing & Creative Director

Our values are our guidance system, which determines the stories we choose to tell, and how our relationship with ourselves, our collaborators, and our planet expands and evolves. 


We choose to tell stories that inspire us. Stories that spark good feeling thoughts, and offer practical solutions to our climate situation.


We acknowledge the feeling of adrenaline that comes with the sense of urgency in the fast-paced creative culture that we're used to. Where rushing to meet deadlines are normal, overworking is celebrated, and lack of rest is awarded with a badge of honor. While it feels rewarding to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, how does this affect our wellbeing?


In my experience, being in this fast-paced industry for more than a decade, I realized that as much as it's been rewarding at some level, it also resulted in poor health. It forced me to prioritize my career so much that my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being suffered. This led to an emotional breakdown that was a catalyst for being clearer with my vision.


A source of creative and innovative projects that create exciting opportunities for local creative communities in provinces around the Philippines, with focus on the Arts, Dance, Music, Film, Nature, and Sports. Our dream is for everyone to be in situations where we love what we're doing.


To establish a sustainable and regenerative creative culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of our collaborators through our process and the stories we choose to tell.

Core Values  

Holistic Wellbeing (Relational and Process-Oriented Creation)

In working with Kurrent, we are refusing the rush. While the creative industry is fueled by urgency, we choose to create while honoring the holistic well-being of our team and clients.


To be able to deliver on your word, one must have integrity, and all the glorious words it stands for: diligence, duty, excellence, respect and sincerity, among others. Having integrity of character makes one principled, reliable and truthful.



To be able to harness the full potential of your creativity, one must resonate with passion, the push to excel, innovate and succeed; the will to work well, deliver, and the unrelenting drive to uplift others with inspiration.


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Chino Neri

Creative and Managing Director

Chino Neri is a impact-driven creative entrepreneur, who utilizes his filmmaking skills to uplift through conscious content creation. In 2019, he co-founded Kurrent Multimedia Productions, a creative

start-up that's a vehicle for his passion. Chino's expertise as a filmmaker comes from having worked in all its disciplines, acting as Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Executive Producer, and Post-Production Artist, which allowed him to Immerse in variety of creative cultures in different parts of the world.

Where we are

To foster an environment of creativity, we need to be in, or have access to, nature, at any given time.

This is why we chose to settle in Dalumpinas Oeste, a simple neighborhood located along the La Union coastline, the same stretch of beach shared by the nearby thirty-kilometer shoreline of Northern Luzon's surftown: San Juan; the surf spots of Bacnotan, Carille, Luna, and Urbiztondo; and, other secret spots, we're not going to name.

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