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Achieving Creativity Through Self-Awareness Workshop

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Building a creative community begins with getting to know the Self. 



Kurrent Multimedia Productions put together an innovative, inspiring workshop series called I Am First, which is anchored on the belief that developing, harnessing, and unleashing unblocked creativity begins with cultivating the practice of awareness, consciousness, and mindfulness. 


The 2-day I Am First: Achieving Creativity Through Self-Awareness workshop was well-received by LORMA Colleges, currently the largest private, premier learning institution in Region 1, which sent select students and staff from their multimedia department, as well as directors, human resources personnel, and guidance counsellors.


The workshops begin with yoga, an ancient meditative practice that unites the mind, body and soul, resulting in an amazing amount of scientifically-proven physical, mental and emotional benefits. It is followed by Dharma Talks on self-awareness, mindfulness and consciousness; lectures on various multimedia disciplines; and sessions that integrate all these components to unleash creativity. 


The school is now including various modules of the I Am First series in their programs, providing the foundation for building a creative community.


As Dr. Carol Macagba, the driving force behind LORMA Colleges, mentioned in her post:  "We take care of ourselves first so we can best serve others."

Words by Troy Bernardo

Photos by Chino Neri & Ea Torrado

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