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By bringing the course to the web, viewers, men and women aged 17 to 70, will have time to digest, process, reflect upon, and review information learned.


The course, which covers 4 to 6 hours in total, will be divided into short video segments and interspersed with exercises, presentations and visuals that have had the most mental, emotional and spiritual impact on Dr. Bernardo's past audiences. 


The course's sources of inspiration include the ancient wisdom of Ho'Oponopono, Byron Katie's The Work, The 4 Agreements and Guilt and Shame by Dr. Colbey Forman, founder of Psychoneurology, as well as other thought leaders in the mental health and wellness industry.   


The Self Love Solution 

is also the name of a series of destination retreats to be conducted by the Atma Prema Wellbeing Group as part of its spiritual tourism thrust.

The Course Outline



     How to use this webinar to transform your life.


Forgiveness as Self Love:

     What is Forgiveness and How to Forgive.


Your Resources:  

  •      Muscle Testing 

  •      Ho'Oponopono 

  •      Belief Work 

  •      Reframing, inspired by Byron Katie's The Work 

  •      The 4 Agreements 

  •      Blessing and Resolution 

  •      Recoding the Past 

  •      Rewriting Your Story 

  •      Transcending Guilt and Shame


Practical Application 1:  Getting Rid of Irritants


Practical Application 2:   Transcending Guilt and Shame 


Practical Application 3:   Forgiving Our Parents


Practical Application 4:   Forgiving That One Person


Practical Application 5:   Self Forgiveness


Practical Application 6:   Blessing and Recoding

Visual Generation Treatment

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 12.57.11
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Treatment References

The course is to be shot entirely in the calm, serenity of Dr. Bernardo's mountain retreat in Baguio, an apt, inspired, if not perfect, setting for a life-changing, transformative series.



Deliverables include the following:


  • 15 Webisodes with a maximum of 11 minutes.

  • Audio versions with a maximum of 11 minutes.

  • 1-minute Version for online Promotion

  • 11-second versions for Social Media.

Project scope


Shoot Days: 2


  • Director: Troy Bernardo & Chino Neri

  • Writer: Troy Bernardo

  • Producer: Chino Neri

  • Cinematographer: Dave Lamar

  • Director of Photography: Chino Neri

  • Sound Producer: Ronald De Asis

  • Post Production Producer: Chino Neri


  • 2 Camera Set-up: Sony A7 iii + Canon 5D M3

  • 50mm Macro Lens + 35mm Wide

  • Sound Recording Set-up

  • Indoor Light Set-up: DOP's Reco

Location: Baguio City

Estimated Project Cost: USD 10,000.00

Production Value Per Episode: USD 750.00


1. Cost & Specifications are still negotiable.

2. Cost does not include logistical expenses, location, glam team, & taxes

3. Payment terms: To be discussed.


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