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Prepared By: Chino Neri & Troy Bernardo

May 9, 2019

We Tell Stories With You.

As a multimedia start-up, Kurrent intends to develop an intentional community of creatives in San Juan, to teach creative skills to the locals, and to form a global hub for talent in La Union.


Establish The Philippines as a global creative hub for independent creators and potential funders.

As part of the La Union community, Kurrent intends to strengthen environmental advocacies, awareness, and warriorship among locals, residents and visitors; and, to conserve, preserve and protect the environment.


Preserve La Union’s environment by establishing a sustainable creative culture.

As a creative company, Kurrent intends to produce documentaries, feature-length films, series, shorts, shows for television and web, and content of all forms. We already have three (3) pre-approved Kurrent Originals concepts.

As a multimedia company, Kurrent intends to create impactful, socially relevant content that allows consumers to engage with the brands freely without a blatant advertorial or sales message.

Benefits of investing in Kurrent

Kurrent aligns its capabilities to your needs, motivations and vision, and is thus part of your brands.

A perfect match, Kurrent’s core of award-winning talents already share and support your advocacies.

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience in the Creative Industry.

Chino Neri

Co Founder, Head of Production & Creatives

Chino has been immersed in various disciplines in the media and video production while co-founding Prodigy Ace Multimedia Inc. in 2012, where he was Post Production Head and Managing Director. His expertise in the video production industry comes from having worked in all phases of production, having worn the hats of Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Post-Production Artist, Editor and co-Editor for documentaries like On the Brink: Unchartered Waters, which won the Conservation Award at the Ocean’s Film Festival in San Francisco and was screened at The 9th International Eco Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. It premiered in the National Geographic Channel that same year.

Troy Bernardo

Co Founder, Managing Partner

Writer, Business Manager, Director, and Creative Consultant, Troy has been conceptualizing, writing and shooting stories for companies, television and film the last 6 years. His body of work includes: Sabungero: Tibay at Dangal for film, which won the Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence at the Honolulu International Film Festival, the Golden Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival, and Official Selection status at the New York Filipino Film Festival, all in 2010. His documentary, Fields of Hope, won Best International Documentary at the Manhattan Film Festival in April 2016. Together with The Extra Mile Productions, his work on Know Your North, won 12 trophies at the Adobo Awards 2018.

Ronald De Asis

Head of Sound Production

Kurrent has no other Sound Engineer than award-winning Ronald de Asis, whose work includes RPG Metanoia: Best Sound Recording, Metro Manila Film Festival, Sa Ilalim ng Tulay: Best Music Cinema One Originals, Concerto: Best Digital Movie Sound Engineer of the Year, Star Awards. Ronald is also the Sound Producer for Extra Mile Production's Know Your North, which won 12 trophies at the Adobo Awards 2018.

A Creative Think Tank

Imagine owning your own creative think tank that could create advertising materials, blogs, blog posts, campaigns, how-to’s, ideas, infographics, initiatives, instructional blogs, imagery, guerilla projects, marketing directions, podcasts, posts, press releases, social media updates, videos and webinars across all mediums, and websites for all your businesses -- all relevant, shareable.

It’s like having your own in-house agency with its own creatives, working primarily for your businesses, the creative requirements these businesses need for expansion, and the causes and initiatives supported by these businesses.

Creative initiatives are developed with the key people who run your businesses, so branding for these businesses are tailor-fit, in sync with your overall vision. And, because the only approval process is you, communication and submission is faster.

In-House Agencies on the Rise

With clients getting 100% dedication of subject matter experts, who charge no overtime or rush charges, in-house agencies, which are actually cheaper and faster than hiring an agency, are on the rise. Companies like Apple, Google, Globe and Jollibee have attracted talent from agencies for their own in-house agencies.

In-house agencies for companies like Integer and Chipotle have actually begun winning awards for their work, and are now hired by companies like Starbucks. The BBC has BBC Creative; Best Buy has Yellow Tag Productions; and, Coca-Cola has the Content Factory.

Even Fidelity Investments has Fidelity Communications & Advertising, while Sprint Communications has Yellow Fan Studios.






We make ideas tangible through our intricate creative process.

Kurrent writes scripts & treatments for Film, Documentaries, Entertainment Shows, Lifestyle Shows, Serials, Podcast, Video Blogs, Brand / Business Presentations, Commercials & Events.

With a pool of multi-talented film crew, Kurrent delivers high quality
output with optimal efficiency, maximizing creative talent, using less
energy, and ensuring a good experience for all.

Sound, which is seldom given much attention, resources, or even thought in The Philippines, is an integral part of our work. Kurrent believes that the role of sound goes beyond just recording. It is, in fact, treated as a critical element in The viewer’s experience of content.


Kurrent needs a Physical office to operate, which will provide the necessary facilities to develop, execute & preserve projects. Kurrent has already started the renovation of the Space. This is strategically situated in a quiet compound just outside of Surftown, which has a high potential of becoming a creative community.


A Certified Recording Studio where Artists can record Albums, Foley Sound, Voice Overs, and Content can be scored.


A Post-Production Facility that can cater to projects both Local & International.


A Secure & Efficient File Storage System that is uploaded in the Cloud.


A dedicated network that allows for seem-less communication & workflow.


Space where from all over the world creatives can develop their skills and collaborate for an extended period of time. 


As an investor, a partner or our main client, you’ll be growing and strengthening Kurrent’s financial capacity so that we’re able to initiate more projects that will help the La Union community, and have the opportunity to replicate this business model in other parts of Asia.

Kurrent needs funding in order to do the ff:

  1. Kurrent Creative Studio Renovation.

  2. Cover Operational Expenses for the 1st year: In order to execute with clarity, Kurrent’s operational expenses should be covered. This includes compensation for Kurrent’s Manpower who operates on a daily basis.

  3. Equipment Inventory: Kurrent needs to add equipment inventory as part of its offering, and is vital to growing the business.

    1. Sound Production: To complement Kurrent’s Film Production work, and with an existing consistent demand for Studio Sound Production Services & growing demand for Field Sound Production. Kurrent has a wide network in the music industry. Kurrent intends to become the leading Sound Production Company in the Philippines.

    2. Video Production: To sustain and grow our capacity for our Video Production Services. At the moment, Kurrent has the tools needed to produce good work - as communicated in our existing portfolio. We see the opportunity to create more beautiful work with freedom - which will be supplemented by our practical selection of additional Video Production Equipment.

    3. Development Fund: This will allow Kurrent to constantly develop and ideas and write Scripts for existing Movie Ideas. This allows faster approval on projects.


Kurrent’s Projected Value is based on the opportunity the Film Industry presents.

Projected Value in 3 Years

P 120 Million | $ 2.4 Million

Funding Needed

P 6 Million | $ 120,000

Projected Source of Revenue


Campaigns, Film, Digital, Multimedia


Film, Digital, Events, Post Production


Film, Music, Advertising, Podcasts, Audio Books


Free Space Toronto

Canon Creators Class

The Remix Project Toronto:

Manifesto Festival

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Film tourism gains ground in Ilocos Norte

Philippines Can Be Asia's Creative Hub

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Thank you for taking the time to go over this proposal. We are hoping to present this in more detail in your most convenient time.

We appreciate your feedback!

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