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Jeepney Life

Life on the road on

a solar-powered jeepney.


Cassie Umali

Jeepney Life

Jeepney Life introduces audiences to the joys of living aboard an iconic Philippine dyipni, decked for an environmentally-sound life on the road by Star 8 Green Technology Corp.


Behind the wheel is Cassie Umali, a vegan athlete and plant-based nutrition coach, who’ll be driving the battery- and solar-operated jeepney to find sport, sustenance and spirituality in destinations across the country.


The show advocates for a healthy lifestyle, responsible tourism, and respect for nature and all her creatures. 

The Jeepney Has Many Faces

The dyipni, and its many variations, is an expression of Philippine culture and art. 


They can go the kitschy route, as celebrated in the book Byaheng Langit by Electro Lychee.  


It can be subdued, like the blue-and-stainless steel one that drives around Manhattan, where it is also the name of a gastro-pub in the East Village.


It can embrace all-out luxury, like those that ferry Dedon’s guests in Siargao. 


No one has ever seen the jeepney in Jeepney Life, and the world is in for a big surprise.

Just like Star 8 Green Technology Corp., Jeepney Life will be a pioneer in the post-Covid19 lifestyle of environmental integration, travel, and spirituality.

Jeepney Life will, literally, take us places.

Van Living is already

a global phenomenon.

With flexible work arrangements, the online economy and Marie Kondo’s minimalist movement, van life has become popular all over the world in the last 100 years. Post-Covid19, all this is expected to boom even further. 


On Instagram, #vanlife, which can be traced back to 2011, has more than 6 million posts mostly from people under 40. It is usually paired with #BestLife. Twitter may have the same amount of traffic.


Outbound Living’s survey suggests that nearly half of the people who live out of their van do so part time (49%), while the other half do so full-time (51%). Below half of those surveyed live with 1 partner, 1/3 live solo, and less for those living with more than two people in the van. 


The US$42,000 2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter has become the gold standard for van lifers, able to fit a king-sized bed, a storage area underneath the bed with a 33-gallon water tank, a kitchen with a stove and oven, a shower, and an “office” with two iMacs mounted into a desk.


In The Philippines, Alexandria Tejas, Katrina Quisil Vlogs, Phoebekhins, and Vanlife Adventure have channels on YouTube, mostly focusing on DIY van life hacks and traveling around the tourist spots. Alexandria’s Doing Laundry Inside My Van 
has 380,000 views. 


Star 8 Green Technology Corp.,

Cassie Umali

and Kurrent Multimedia Productions

Forms A Perfect Trinity.

Star 8 Green Technology Corp.

may convert its jeep, eVan Cargo or eVan Passenger into something meant to be lived in.

van interior.jpg

The pioneering company will reinforce

its image as a pioneer.


Cassie Umali is

no stranger to media

An adidas ambassador and influencer, and former National Athlete for three different team sports: Philippine Lady Volcanoes for the National Rugby Team, Women’s National Touch Football Team, and Women’s National American Football Team, the first ever Miss Gold’s Gym is now a health and fitness ambassador. 


Not a stranger to the camera, Cassie Umali was co-host and segment producer for Ultimate Sports Barkada at ABS-CBN News Channel, and even an NCAA Courtside Reporter at ABS-CBN, to name a few.  


Cassie is currently a Fitness Vlogger with over 6,100 followers on Instagram and more, combining the Likes and Followers, on her CassieUmalieOffical Facebook page.


Kurrent Multimedia Productions

is Great at Telling Stories.

Cassie is also part of Kurrent, which is a partnership between Creative Director and Writer Troy Bernardo, who also has an MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Management and an RYT500 membership in Yoga Alliance International; and Managing Director, Editor, Videographer, and Multi-Skilled Surf Videographer, Chino Neri. 


The three form Kurrent’s creative core.

Together, Jeepney Life’s Trinity knows no limit.

And the country will be better for it.

Plan of Action

Kurrent Multimedia Productions, who will be filming the series, can do a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video on the conversion of their jeepney into Jeepney Life, featuring van architecture, interior design as well as interviews with Star 8 Green Technology executives. This will be a prelude to the rest of the series. 


We will produce 5 initial videos, including the BTS video mentioned above and the episode list for 4 shows; editing for 10-second versions for Social Media, 3-minute versions for Facebook, and a maximum of 20 minutes for subscribers in YouTube. Episodes 1-4 will be: La Union, Pagudpod, Sagada and Ifugao. 


A breakdown of costs will be provided upon request. Cost will also include branding components like logos, ocular inspections, original score, production, post-production, research and writing.


In addition, to create Jeepney Life’s universe, the show must also have a website, including a blog; a podcast; and, a full-on documentary, all of which can also be used as  public relations and marketing materials by Star 8 Green Technology. These would be a separate Cost Estimate.

Kurrent can also act as a Sales Team for Star 8 Green Technology in the various locations, and their corresponding LGUs, we choose to film in. We can create a separate Memorandum of Agreement for this. 

Through Our Partnership, Jeepney Life Can Take Our Dreams on the Open Road.

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