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jackie music video

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Jackie is desperately searching for someone.


Jackie runs through all sorts of people, images that represent difficulties many go through and the usual solutions or kneejerk response to those situations.


Based on the song’s lyrics, it’s a cycle, “turning”. People are victimized. They fight back. They encounter another situation. They fight back. It’s a never ending pattern until they are exhausted.


In the end, Jackie sees the light, finds forgiveness, gratitude and strength in the power of Diana  - the representation of the Divine Feminine - also the goddess of women, nature (so a natural setting can be part of the set), plus she's also a triple goddess - a combination of Luna (the moon), Hectate (underworld) and Artemis (huntress). We’ll have more on the No. 3 below.


Jackie reaches out to Diana, into this blinding light, and when Diana looks at her, she's Jackie herself. Jackie has, in fact, sent Diana out as a messenger.


And, when Jackie turns back at her "life story" or the path taken by several people and, as the lyrics go "finds out why she couldn't stay", they are also all her playing out those roles. 


To visually interpret the lyrics of Jackie and deliver it into a music video that’s entertaining, inspiring and stylish;  


To push the message that one need not look outside one’s Self for divinity or a Savior, because everyone has that within themselves. Diana is not on her way, but she is, and has always been, in us.