jackie music video

treatment deck


Jackie is desperately searching for someone.


Jackie runs through all sorts of people, images that represent difficulties many go through and the usual solutions or kneejerk response to those situations.


Based on the song’s lyrics, it’s a cycle, “turning”. People are victimized. They fight back. They encounter another situation. They fight back. It’s a never ending pattern until they are exhausted.


In the end, Jackie sees the light, finds forgiveness, gratitude and strength in the power of Diana  - the representation of the Divine Feminine - also the goddess of women, nature (so a natural setting can be part of the set), plus she's also a triple goddess - a combination of Luna (the moon), Hectate (underworld) and Artemis (huntress). We’ll have more on the No. 3 below.


Jackie reaches out to Diana, into this blinding light, and when Diana looks at her, she's Jackie herself. Jackie has, in fact, sent Diana out as a messenger.


And, when Jackie turns back at her "life story" or the path taken by several people and, as the lyrics go "finds out why she couldn't stay", they are also all her playing out those roles. 


To visually interpret the lyrics of Jackie and deliver it into a music video that’s entertaining, inspiring and stylish;  


To push the message that one need not look outside one’s Self for divinity or a Savior, because everyone has that within themselves. Diana is not on her way, but she is, and has always been, in us.


We will be using a dull, muted color palette interspersed with the brighter imagery that represents Asha / Jackie’s connection to the Divine, to clarity, to an awakened consciousness.

For purposes of discussion, here are the initial images that we could use – symbols of humanity’s brokenness:


  1. Jackie looks around her, watching, searching, walking, running past …

  2. A bruised man, with a black eye, obviously beaten up, is given a bouquet of flowers by the unseen perpetrator, as if the gift would make the beating alright.

  3. A career woman, in a smart suit, is carrying a box of her office stuff, while a man is being congratulated behind her. She has obviously reached the glass ceiling.

  4. A young girl is reading, but the book is snatched away, and she is told to work, do household chores, anything that keeps her from studying.

  5. A boy falls on the ground, bullied. He is being beaten with belts.

  6. A child protecting a baby animal.

The above characters are, of course, all played by Jackie. So we’re looking at 5 characters other than Jackie and Diana. Later in the video, the:


  1. Bruised man, with a black eye, throws away the bouquet and walks away from the abusive relationship.

  2. The career woman drops her box, takes her smart suit off, and smiles, symbolically switching careers and following her own purpose.

  3. The young girl gets her book back and studies, determined to make her life better.

  4. The bullied boy grabs a belt, stands up, and makes hand wraps out of the belt, ready to fight back and claim back his right to exist peacefully.

  5. The child succeeds in protecting the baby animal.

  6. Jackie stops before a blinding light, reaches out to hold Diana’s hand, only to realize that Diana is her.

  7. Jackie looks back at the other characters and realizes that they are all different versions of her.

  8. Jackie sees Diana, reaches out to her, blends into her, becoming One, as she is also Diana, who had sent her into the world. Nothing is outside the Self, we are the Trinity in one. Again, the number 3.

overall look & feel

proposed locations

Open spaces by the sea & mountain views

movement reference

The movements can be enhanced through a fusion interpretive contemporary dance choreography .



I suggest using the No. 3 as theme throughout the video, for obvious reasons above. Also, 3 is the first of 4 perfectly spiritual numbers (other than 7, 10 and 12). 3 signifies intuition, magic, and time (i.e., past, present and future, particularly the journey from creative expression to promising new adventures, and being successful at it).


3, too, appears 467 times in the Bible: Jesus was crucified on the 3rd hour of the day (9 a.m.), died at the 9th hour (3 p.m.). There was 3 hours of darkness, while he was on the cross from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. 3 is the number of resurrection. 


We also have 3 characters in the video: Asha, the artist expressing herself in the 3rd Dimension; Jackie, the higher power or Source / God; and Diana, the Goddess, symbol of the Divine Feminine -- though the video focuses only on 2 characters: Jackie and Diana.


Jackie's outfit will be a gold kaftan with a headpiece and gold make up.

Diana will be in a light see-through long aquamarine jacket made out of saree material, ripped black jeans, a black top and boots, a nose ring and smokey eyes. 


We will have Asha singing the song in 3 different scenarios / locations. Outdoors would be ideal: beach, forest, somewhere with a view.

The images in this proposal represents the cinematography that we envision for the music video. 

Written by: Troy Bernardo

Visuals by: Chino Neri