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We are in an era where video is dominating the digital space, a booming social media industry shows no signs of slowing down, and a growing demand for film, in whatever format or length, that won’t be stopping anytime soon.  

With Disney Plus brewing, for example, Netflix has begun pirating writers by giving them lucrative 5-year deals in order to develop their own in-house creatives. Netflix, too, intends to publish a digital, online-only magazine called Wide, which would promote its programs.

In The Philippines, the race is on for original content for iFlix, iwantTV, Hooq and CineTropa, among others.

According to Digital 2019, a report from Hootsuite and We are Social:

1.     Filipinos spend an average of 10:02 hours a day on the internet — on any device. That’s the most in the world.

2.     At four hours and 12 minutes on average per day, Filipinos spend the most time on social media. Again, that’s the most in the world.

3.     Social media penetration in The Philippines is 71%, which is above the worldwide average of only 45%.

4.     There are 76 million internet users in the country, all are on some form of social media. 72 million Filipinos access them via a mobile device.

There is also a high demand for content in the social media space.

Kurrent intends to produce content that a brand’s customers will consume, that reflects the brand’s message, and possibly, that consumers may want to comment, like or share, thus exposing the brand to more digital customers.

We also indent to produce content that entertains, encourages, reflects the best of the human condition, solves a problem in the everyday lives of consumers, or teaches them something new.

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