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What kind of dark secrets would drive four people to imprison themselves in an old decrepit building for over 30 years? Unlock their past and you will never see the future.



A convict, LANDO, has been assigned to carry out his sentence as an unusually highly-paid security guard in the neglected, forsaken Illusorio Building, where he meets its old, bitter residents: spinsters GUADALUPE, TRINING and MALOU, who live on the penthouse; and DOMENG, a sad, crippled drunk.


Heavily-bolted from the inside, they are the building’s prisoners with GUADALUPE holding the master key.  Once a week, a small window on the front door is opened to allow provisions brought by an unknown contact known only as THE COLONEL. Only GUADALUPE paid for, and received, the provisions.


One day, TERESA, who happens to be the wife of the building’s previous security guard, CALOY, whom LANDO had replaced, shows up at the front door, wanting to investigate her husband’s disappearance. Refusing to leave and threatening to bring in the police, GUADALUPE allows TERESA to enter the building, not knowing that the three women intend to silence her forever.  


What kind of secrets would drive four people to imprison themselves in a building for over 30 years?


LANDO and TERESITA attempt to find out the answer, not knowing that GUADALUPE, TRINING and MALOU are already planning to kill … again.




Grey Gardens, 1976 meets The Changeling, 1980 meets Misery, 1990 x 3




Once a decisive, forceful and uncompromisingly firm Vice President for Operations, the eldest spinster, Guadalupe, has used these same qualities to keep the people around her under her tight, controlling grip for over 30 years.

Because her primary objective is to keep the building’s darkest, most shocking secrets within its walls, she is at her most frightening when this is threatened.

Throughout the series, we learn about the sins of her past, their devastating effects on her present, and the upsetting bleakness of her future.

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