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Our Story

Kurrent is backed by talented, experienced, and award-winning individuals, who are driven not just by their passion to tell stories in the best way they can, through direction, writing and sound design; but more importantly, a sense of purpose, that of connecting their audience to a higher consciousness that respects diversity, the environment, and their Selves.

Our Vision

We harness creativity to fuel transformative change in the world. 

Our Core Values

Our core values reflect the character

traits we value in each other. 


To be able to deliver on your word, one must have integrity, and all the glorious words it stands for: diligence, duty, excellence, respect and sincerity, among others. Having integrity of character makes one principled, reliable and truthful.



To be able to harness the full potential of your creativity, one must resonate with passion, the push to excel, innovate and succeed; the will to work well, deliver, and change whatever attitudes need to be changed; and the unrelenting drive to communicate with, if not infect, others with inspiration.



To make conscious decisions, those that benefit Kurrent, its clients and our Selves, one must have a solid foundation from where wisdom would come from. This foundation includes accountability, ego-lessness, honesty, and other such qualities, combined with skills such as strategic thinking, consideration of others, and ability to see the bigger picture.


We also use the same core values in the content we create: integrity (in telling stories), resonance (in the stories we choose to tell) and discernment (in the socially relevant and responsible stories we tell).

Our Team


Creative Director

Chino Neri is Managing Director and co-founder of Kurrent, whose expertise in the video production industry comes from having worked in all its disciplines, acting as Cinematographer, Director, Editor and co-Editor, Executive Producer, and Post-Production Artist for several projects, including those that took him to Dongguan, China and across the United States of America, from California to New York. Having worn many hats gave him the courage to set out on his own.


And, it  brought him the freedom to choose projects that stimulate his soul: stories that promote environmental advocacy, awareness and sustainability. His editing work includes documentaries like On the Brink: Unchartered Waters, which won the Conservation Award at the Ocean’s Film Festival in San Francisco and was screened at The 9th International Eco Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. It premiered in the National Geographic Channel that same year.


Once the Co-founder, Post Production Head and Managing Director of Prodigy Ace Multimedia Inc. back in 2012, Chino has since brought his storytelling skills to La Union, producing work like the 1e Soul Surfer's Podcast, the anti-coal PSA entitled Luna, and the celebratory videos of the country's winning surfers for the Southeast Asian Games 2020.


Marketing Director

Cassie Umali, Kurrent's Brands and Marketing Director, is a trusted, well-known fitness vlogger, influencer and endorser in the health and athletic industry. Having been an ambassador for various international brands that include adidas and Gold’s Gym since the beginning of her social media career, she inspires people around the world to become the best versions of themselves by living a conscious, well-rounded lifestyle.


She played for the country in 3 national teams: Rugby Union, Touch Football and American Football, representing The Philippines in numerous international competitions, proving that women have the strength and strategic wit to last in one of the toughest sectors out there, sports. And, in 2015, she won the first ever Miss Gold's Gym-Philippines, a prestigious competition, which cemented her career in the wellness industry, effectively crowning her as a bonafide fitness queen.

Through everything she does, she continues to earn the trust of people around the globe by doing what she loves most: inspiring them to become the best version of themselves by sharing holistic wellness practices as a certified plant-based nutrition consultant / coach through her high-spirited, energetic YouTube vlogs, impactful Instagram stories, and informative Facebook livestreams. 



Troy is co-founder of Kurrent Multimedia Productions, a writer with an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, and an RYT 500 certified member of Yoga Alliance, having studied under Sarah Bell and Joan Hyman through Urban Ashram Yoga, School of Yoga, where he is also a teacher. Always on a journey inward, he uses his concepts, creativity and classes to empower, evolve, heal and uplift.


His feature-length documentary, Uma han Paglaum, internationally known as Fields of Hope, won Best International Documentary at the 2016 Manhattan International Film Festival; and, was screened at the AirBnb HQ, Google HQ and at the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco in 2017. His other film, Sabungero, won the Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence at the 2010 Honolulu International Film Festival, the Golden Palm Award 2010 at the Mexico International Film Festival, and was an Official Selection at the New York Filipino Film Festival June 2011.


Before diving fully into the creative life, he was Human Resources Director for Acrevo, an architecture consultancy firm of over 100 employees; Manager of the Silver Lens Gallery; and, was General Manager of a manufacturing firm for nearly 7 years. Though he continues to be attracted by offers of a corporate job, he prefers to work for his projects, continue doing what he loves, and use his creativity to make a positive social impact.   

Where we are

To foster an environment of creativity, we need to be in, or have access to, nature, at any given time.

This is why we chose to settle in Dalumpinas Oeste, a simple neighborhood located along the La Union coastline, the same stretch of beach shared by the nearby thirty-kilometer shoreline of Northern Luzon's surftown: San Juan; the surf spots of Bacnotan, Carille, Luna, and Urbiztondo; and, other secret spots, we're not going to name.

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