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The mission of Angel Brigade (ABrigade), the non-profit, all-volunteer group known for providing value-added services to its donors and recipient communities during times of calamities, has always translated into protecting people from the effects of climate change. 


Celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary, ABrigade has included providence in its mission, the ability to provide post-disaster services to communities vulnerable to climate change. 


The group’s community of choice is Antique.



​ to promote Antique’s commerce through the support and sale of artisan handicrafts, homegrown brands, and   other provincial products; 

 to re-position Antique as a paradise, preserved and protected by its conservation and environmental           initiatives; and, 

 to establish Antique as an environmental role model replicable to other communities elsewhere.



The choice to adopt Antique resulted from the coming together of three (3) conditions: 


1. Antique is Prone to Natural Disasters. 

According to Antique Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) head Broderick Train, Antique is prone to landslides and floods and that municipal DRRM officers of the 18 local government units in the province have already undergone several trainings intended to enhance their capabilities in case natural disasters strike communities.


In its 10th year, Angel Brigade is leaning toward Disaster Preparedness and Prevention rather than simply waiting for the next disaster to strike.


Incidentally, Congresswoman Loren Legarda of Antique is a staunch ally of the environment, having been Chair of the Senate Committees on Environment and Natural Resources and on Climate Change; part of the Philippine delegations for the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), to name a few; and awardee of several international bodies for her work on the conservation and protection of the environment.


2. Antique is Preserving its 18 Plazas. 


To AB, the plaza has always been the center for disaster relief operations, often using them as a drop-off point for relief goods and a distribution center for them. Antique’s program of reviving plazas as community centers is in sync with AB’s thrust of bringing communities together, this time, toward Disaster Preparedness and Prevention.


In terms of the environment, Antique has already protected 21,147.3 acres of the Dalanas River; 29,675.6 acres in Northwest Panay Peninsula; and 13,619.1 acres in Sibalom. More forest, marine, mountainous areas are on their way to protection.


3. Antique is Already in the Forefront of Climate Change. 

Congresswoman Loren Legarda, who has already authored several landmark environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, the Climate Change Act, and the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, remains a staunch ally of local communities attempting to mitigate the impacts of climate change.



Angel Brigade will:

  1. Provide consultancy for the building / renovating of the plazas;

  2. Promote Antique’s tourism, locally and internationally, by highlighting its conservation and environmental initiatives; as well as its historically international population of Germans, Thomasites, etc.; 

  3. Promote, sell and build business models for Antique’s products locally;

  4. Promote Antiquenos with #ALL and all of Legarda’s environmental advocacies;

  5. Drum up support from ABrigade members and volunteers for climate change issues; educate our ABrigade members with the most recent advances on how to  mitigate the effects of a changing environment through the support of the Climate Change Commission; and Congresswoman Legarda’s initiatives; and,

  6. Document these projects for various multimedia platforms, including podcasts, social media, and videos, all of which will immortalize Congresswoman Legarda’s legacy and broaden her support base both here and abroad, thus providing the foundation for her future campaigns, projects and work.

In a nutshell, ABrigade’s Adopt Antique 2020 program

supports Congresswoman Legarda’s thrust to make Antique, using her own words,


“a model province for inclusive, sustainable and resilient development.” 


In addition, this program is ABrigade's initial foray into genuine Post-Calamity Aid which, if successful, can be replicated and applied to other provinces. 




Loren 1.jpeg

Angel Brigade, with the help of one of its members, has

Ask Loren Legarda or ALL (#ALL),


an umbrella multimedia campaign that, in general, focuses on Congresswoman Loren Legarda’s advocacies: culture, heritage and environment. Initially, however, we will use ALL to execute the Adopt Antique program.




Bright, Polished, Approachable, Credible.


Because it is a multimedia campaign,

ALL has social media components.


Phase 1: The Plazas


As a multimedia campaign, the first set of ALL videos, 18 in all, will feature Congresswoman Legarda answering three questions: 


  1. What is the historical value of this plaza?

  2. What products can be found in the area?

  3. What environmental initiatives are already in place in the area?


Videos will be bite-sized, at most 3-minutes in length for YouTube, including 10-second edits for Social Media. 


Videos will be uploaded as a page in the official website of Congresswoman Legarda (


The videos can be shot at the Congresswoman’s home. Should she choose to wear clothing or products from each of the 18 sites, where the plazas are, it would be best.

Sample Episode

Sample Teaser

What will Angel Brigade Require?

There is a need for a Memorandum of Agreement, which specifies that the above-mentioned deliverables will be the only deliverables. 


Angel Brigade will need a page for ALL at, where the main ALL channel will be uploaded and archived. 


An ocular inspection, as well as a shooting schedule, is necessary for Antique’s plazas for a team of 4 people, including Architect Mico Manalo and Creative Director Troy Bernardo. 


The concepts for Phases 2 and beyond follow the format of ALL, but features tourism, heritage conservation projects, environmental laws, and art that may include Antiqueño poetry, literature and talents; Kinaray-a lyrics and music; provincial folklore, legends, and myths; and, other such creative pursuits that celebrate Antiqueño arts and culture.

Proposed Schedule:

Both ocular, and actual shoots for B-rolls, can be scheduled on October. 


Scheduled shoots for Congresswoman Legarda can be set for November, in her home, at a time convenient for her. 


The official launch of ALL can be done in January 2020.

Angel Brigade Logo.jpg
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