Impact-driven leading edge creative flow

We choose to tell stories that inspire us. Stories that spark good feeling thoughts, and stories that offer practical solutions that contributes to climate action.


Quality in our stories and relationships

Our values are our guidance system, which determines the stories we choose to tell, and how our relationship with ourselves, our collaborators, and our planet expands and evolves. 


Conscious Digital Content Creators

Producing high-quality videos that uplifts.

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio
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Roger Casugay for Skullcandy Philippines

Roger Casugay for Skullcandy Philippines

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Kurrent Showreel August 2022

Kurrent Showreel August 2022

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Sneak Peek: Food. Roots. PBS Documentary

Sneak Peek: Food. Roots. PBS Documentary

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Fete dela Musique Music Festival 2021 La Union Stage

Fete dela Musique Music Festival 2021 La Union Stage

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Kurrent is an end-to-end / full service creative film production agency. We can facilitate your filmmaking requirements through our holistic approach, or hire us to help you on a specific aspect of the process.

Creative Direction

We provide artistic direction, from concept creation to creative execution, for brand campaigns, documentaries, film, in-store content, live-stream events, marketing short stories, TV shows, among other media, across all platforms. Think of us as your own internal creative agency, department and think tank.

Film Production


Weddings & Events

Art Films

Short and Long Form Feature Films

Dance Films


Music Videos

End-to-end service from creative development, pre-production & planning, filming, to post-production, video editing & color grading, remotely or in person.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Kurrent can create an entire marketing campaign for your brand, which includes brand consultation, content generation, rebranding, and social media plans.

Health and


Easily create digital health and wellbeing content such as yoga classes, meditation videos, food recipes, and online courses. We will guide you through our innovative & efficient filmmaking process so that we can co-create your videos wherever you are in this planet.



We create projects that defines purpose for our collaborators, provide space for creative freedom, enable interactions that generates inspirations, & maintain the wellbeing of our team and collaborators.

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Align with Us.

Just think of what message you want to deliver, what image you want to project, and where you want your story told. Or, let us do the thinking. We will do the rest.